The Influence Dilemma

Change happens in response to the influences in your life. Think about the number of influencing messages you receive every day. People want you to buy something, think something, or do something that you might not normally do. The way they get you to cooperate is through the exertion of their influence. In every situation... Continue Reading →

The Bondage Masquerade

We often limit our potential by living in bondage to old ways of thinking. Whatever you get used to becomes your “normal.” Kids raised in third world poverty get used to eating a cup of rice almost every day. You have your own version of normal, as well. Your normal is the arena in which... Continue Reading →

Truth Precedes Change

Encountering truth always results in a need to change. Learning is the result of cognitive dissonance. This is the difference between what you know and what you believe you need to know. When there is a distance between knowledge and need, learning can take place. You might not see the need to change because you... Continue Reading →

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